A little about me

I am a born and raised Phoenician with the running shorts tan and thin blood to prove it. My love of photography began with my love of the outdoors and landscapes, although my subjects of choice have evolved over the years and now my focus is primarily on portrait photography.

As an advertising major and freshman at NAU, my education and experimentation began with traditional photography in the darkroom. I consider myself fortunate to have caught the tail end of the film era, learning manual camera operations as a foundation and printing techniques in a black and white lab (an art form in itself). My work has of course evolved with the equipment and post-production capabilities of digital photography, I simply will always appreciate the craftsmanship and originality that results when a photo is printed in the darkroom.

l spent my last two years at NAU as a photographer for The Lumberjack, the local school and community newspaper. It was while working as a photojournalist covering sports and Life features that I discovered the unique creativity involved in photographing people. In the same way you are challenged to find the perfect lighting and composition as a landscape photographer, people challenge you to capture the perfect expression, emotion or action to tell their story.

I currently work in the marketing industry full time, but will always consider photography my full-time hobby. I will continue to provide services in photography as long as I enjoy producing the work and building the relationships with my clients.

The photographer you choose for your event or portrait session will help build the experience. It is not just the end result - the photos - that are important. You should enjoy working with your photographer (yes, getting your picture taken should be fun!). You should be comfortable with them and confident in their abilities to not just get the job done, but do it amazingly well. It is often from the photographs that one is able to remember the people, special moments, a joke, her smile and many of the emotions tied to an event or time in your life. It is capturing these moments that makes me love what I do. I look forward to meeting you!